About Me

My name is David Burke. I am a creative person with a passion for the visual arts. I have been working as a Graphic Designer / Art Director since 1999, and I am always looking for new challenges.

I started my career at the end of my first semester in college. One of my art professors, besides teaching, also owned a business making awards. He offered me a job, and therein began my career as a Graphic Designer. It was called BCR Awards and the majority of orders came from the Rodeo industry, so it's safe to say it was a niche market. However we also did a good number of corporate awards, and also custom designed awards for any occasion. It was a small company that was run out of the basement of the owner's house at first. However during my 7-year career there, we built and moved into a larger facility. When I first started, in order to learn their craft, I worked each of the jobs in the company. Getting hands on with the products, and physically building the actual awards was good experience to be able to build the awards digitally in catalogs and ads. Designing catalogs and ads was just part of my job there. I also created and maintained the company website, created prototypes for new awards, custom-engraved awards, met with clients to discuss their artwork needs and many other things. I did a little of everything there, and it seemed that it depended on who I was talking to as to what my title in the company was at that particular moment. We soon got busy enough, that we hired a few people to help out in my department, and I became their supervisor. In 2005 the owner of BCR Awards decided to retire and shut down the business.

I then accepted the position of Screen Print Art Supervisor at GTM Sportswear. My department, Screen Print Art, created all the art for anything that was screen printed in the company. A large part of the business came from Kindergarten - 12th Grade schools. We created apparel templates that could easily be personalized for the school ordering it. We created templates for just about every extracurricular school activity you could imagine. We also created a lot of designs for Kansas State University that could be sold in our retail stores. These designs were printed on just about anything the retail manager saw fit to sell in the stores (bumper stickers, apparel, key chains, flags, towels, etc.). I was the liaison between Sales and Art, and Art and Screen Printing Production. I was in charge of eight designers and one office assistant. My department also created designs for walk in customers, which was a lot of fun.

In 2007 I accepted a Web Designer/Developer position at Imagemakers in Wamego. It was a good learning experience. I didn't only do website work there though. I was involved with a variety of things at Imagemakers including: Wine Bottle Labels, Book Covers, Gift Cards, Business Cards, Billboards, etc. It's a small company, and I did a little of everything there.

After leaving Imagemakers I accepted a position with Student Success Technology Services at the University of Kansas. Approximately 20 departments are included within Student Success, and their main focus is to give students whatever it is that they need to succeed. Each department that is a part of Student Success has their own website, but in most cases they do not have the ability to edit it themselves. They will soon be implementing a Content Management System (CMS) to allow each department to update their own site as needed. During this transition to the CMS they are taking the opportunity to redesign the site, and make the style more cohesive amongst the individual departments. My primary task has been to come up with design options for the redesign.

In August of 2011 I accepted a position with Kansas State University in the Office of Mediated Education as the User Interface Designer. My primary responsibility is to be an advocate for usability. This includes many things, and I am looking forward to the challenge of making their online services more usable.

On the following pages you will find my resume, samples of my work, and my contact information. If you have any questions please feel free to drop me a line.