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Certified in User ExperienceOn December 11, 2015 I earned a UX Certification from Nielsen Norman Group.

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K-State Mediasite

Banner ImageI created the banner image on this page for Mediasite. K-State uses Mediasite for Lecture Capture and Distribution.

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K-State SurveyK-State is discontinuing their custom built survey system, replacing it with Qualtrics, and calling it K-State Survey. I did some quick comps for a logo, and I sort of like this one.



Web DevelopmentI thought it was about time for me to post a list of websites, I've worked on. This is not a comprehensive list however. It's just MORE comprehensive than you will see in my portfolio. I intend to keep adding to it, making it more comprehensive as I go.

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Student Success Communications

In Progress...This is one of the template options that I am developing for Student Success at the University of Kansas. The Communications department (where I'm currently working) has adopted this design for their own website. I loved the idea of using a tin can phone to signify communication. It gives it a fun feeling, while the style keeps it professional.

On the back end, the navigation is just an unordered list that I used CSS to style the standard, hover, and active states. Because of its simplicity it is very easy to update and adapt to other departments. I developed the containers to be resizable, so that they can adapt to however the content needs to be displayed.

Although I never intended this design to have 6 containers on one page, this is what Communications wanted. They have just started setting this up for their needs, so it's not a finished site by any means, but feel free to take a look.

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Video Test I'm currently testing:
Video as a Background

In my research of current trends of website design, I've come across quite a few websites that use video as a background. Most of these sites are entirely built in Flash, and while this looks cool it's not good when accessibility is a concern. So while designing options for the Student Success home page I started testing the possibility of having a video in the background, but still having a completely accessible website sitting on top. Take a look at a few of the options by clicking on the links below. Keep in mind that these are just proof of concept tests. The content on the page is non-functioning, some of the video is low resolution (and is branded with the royalty free site logo, that I downloaded the comp from), and some of the background files are large and take a few minutes to download on a slow connection. Nevertheless it is very cool looking!

  • Example 1
    A borrowed video from University Relations promoting KU.
  • Example 2
    Same video as the first test, but I made it black and white, and darkened it.
  • Example 3
    Math & Science moving towards you.
  • Example 4
    Similar to 3: invert the color and move away.
  • Example 5
    A picture slide show, utilizing the same technology.
  • Example 6
    Gray Math & Science intro, at the end it disappears giving a normal website.