Alamo Bowl

Alamo Bowl - David Burke

At GTM Sportswear during 2006 the K-State football team was having a good season, and my department started working on concept designs for potential bowl games. One potential option was Kansas State vs. University of Iowa at the Alamo Bowl.

We would submit designs like this one to the Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC), who in turn submits the designs to the appropriate schools and bowl committees for approval. K-State approved the design, even though they typically would not approve their insignia on design that included firearms. The University of Iowa denied the design because of the guns. And the Alamo Bowl committee approved and said "The coolest design I've seen in a long time"

K-State ended up playing Rutgers at the Inaugural Texas Bowl that year. Had K-State gone to this bowl game, this design would have been used on apparel, as well as other souvenir type products (key chains, mugs, hats, etc.)